Blog Challenge 13: Women are Shallow…News Flash So Are Men!

I know it's very hard to tell by what she's saying but this chick is one you'd classify as a gold digger. Proceed with caution.

On Wednesday I kicked the actual factuals with a homie over gchat after changing my status to say something like chicks are drama queens women are too effing emotional. Despite my proud card-carrying membership on team ovaries I concede that Drama her sex is female, at least most of the time. This has more to do with socialization than nature but I won’t bore you with a psychosocial lecture. Anywho our gchat-a-thon started with a question:

Would you date a dude who worked at Mickey D’s?

This was not a rhetorical question. I wondered during the sparring back and forth if my homie was in fact g-checking my credibility considering just Monday I wrote about my personal growth and hashish. Was he coming at my neck, as they say in the streets? Did he doubt my turning leaves, that I now judge a man by the content of his character and not his Mechad Brooks Adonis DNA? Inquiring minds and shyt! We agreed to agree that shallow is as shallow does. No wait we agreed that superficiality plays in both backyards quite evenly but for different reasons. After rambling on endlessly as I have a tendency to do, blame Wander I said something to this effect: I know the type of dudes I’m attracted to and I know what kind of chicks they like, if I want to dabble in that water I better arm myself with the right swimming gear.

Shall I explain…I think I shall!

Before I start let me make one thing plain, gold diggers give real women a bad name. Men get so wound up in the sneaky plots of rats of the hood they haphazardly ascribe the gold digger moniker to every chick walking. For reference purposes and to school the men-folk in the audience gold diggers are bottom feeders. Typical, meaning not all but most, gold diggers have no pot to piss in nor the window to throw it out of, instead they live vicariously through the wallet of the men they date. Spotting one seems relatively easy to me yet men are still fooled by a big butt and a smile. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

If I say it a million times preferring a man with ambition, goals a steady paycheck and a semblance of a career, either blue or white collar, is not the definition of a gold digger. Let me repeat that for the men hearing challenged in the room. Preferring a man with ambition, goals, a steady paycheck and a semblance of a career, either blue or white collar, is not the definition of a gold digger. Why men find this troubling is beyond me. As I mentioned to my g-chatting homie I bring all this to the table so I expect the same of a prospective suitor. If this makes me shallow, I’ll ride shallow until the wheels fall off because in my mind that makes me smart and accepting anything less would be uncivilized.

My dudes why come a female wanting a man with a career makes your skin crawl? You want to eat right, well get an effing job. And quite frankly don’t get mad at the system you created. Society has been male dominated since the beginning of time. If you wanted to be homemakers, that’s the hand you should have dealt yourself. Don’t renege now because the stakes are high.

Solving the male side of this equation requires a different approach. Men more than women are visual creatures. Agreed? Agreed! I’ve yet to meet a man who doesn’t judge a potential boothang first on her appearance. If she’s able to walk and chew bubble gum is not important. Can she read, who cares as long as she’s curved in all the right places! THIS my dude is superficial. Or is it? Preferring a mate that matches your particular brand of attractive seems perfectly reasonable in my eyes. That’s not mean, its life. Shallow? Maybe but no more than say wanting someone who recognizes that the verb derived from the noun conversation is converse or the past tense version of bring is brought not brung. Nope that last bit was pretentious and a totally different topic.

Anywho the point is men want to bed and potentially marry chicks they believe are haute. Women want to bed and potentially marry gents that can provide. If either position is shallow none is shallower than the other…does that make sense?

So will I date a dude that works at Mickey D’s…probably not but at the same time I’ve never actually been asked out by a gent of the fry cook variety either so I don’t think I’ll ever really know the answer. What I find most amusing about that question, it’s never raised by the McDonald’s employee of the month. It’s always some relatively successful dude that wants to know his gold digger of choice is ride or die…news flash she isn’t. At the same token that regular chick probably is but hell her booty was smaller.

What says you fine folks, whose more superficial men or women? Chicas would you date a guy who worked at McDonalds? Gents would you date a chick that looked like Precious? Does saying no to either one of those questions make you shallow? As always to share is to care and hashish!

Side note, stay tuned for Monday Ranting/Blog Challenge Post 14 where I’ll write a letter to someone who’s hurt me recently…I envision mayhem and foolishness.

4 Responses to “Blog Challenge 13: Women are Shallow…News Flash So Are Men!”
  1. How bout I don’t eat at Mickey D’s to be meeting men who work there. Problem solved.

    Folks can call it whatever they wish but I calls it hustling backwards. For the most part, not allatime, I tend NOT to be dealing w/dudes who’re presently doing things I’m several years/experiences/lifetimes away from. Now, I didn’t ever have a job at the golden arches so it is not my responsibility to consider this dude an option at all, by my logic.

    Do I respect the dude who has to work there? Yup. Would I shit on my man if times got tight & that was the only gig he could get to hold us down? Nope. Am I bout to wear a sign to attract that dude in my direction. Not a chance.


    • Faith M. says:

      Hey Girl Hey,

      I am feeling your answer. I date folks who are for the most part where I am in life. It’s something about that common struggle that suits my appetite. Either way I don’t knock the dude at McDonalds because honest work is just that. At the same time I also don’t want to date the dude that aspired to be nothing more than a fry cook. I’d go out on a limb to say we probably have very little in common. Our life goals are eons away from each other and shyt.

  2. I’m gonna answer your question then quickly get the hell outta here. I think men are more superficial. I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

    When I hit the 30/30 club, one of those things that seemed to automatically download to my brain was the common sense to not go for looks. Looks don’t mean shit to me. I’d rather you be smart and ugly than fine as hell and be a bitch or stupid or after my money or my family’s money.

    Unless they’re the total package like yourself. That’s a winner winner, chicken dinner. You can get it! OW!!!


    • Faith M. says:

      Hola Chaps,

      Thanks for your vote of confidence. I can walk and chew bubblegum thank you very much. Side note I think it took some major stones on your part to say that men are more superficial. As we get older, yes I am lumping myself in that getting older, we learn that looks are not nearly as important as being able to hold a conversation. There is but so much I can do with your looks…of course some of those things are hella fun.

      Sue me I am a work in progress!

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