Blog Challenge 12: How Many Stamps are on Your Passport…

One day my Passport will look like this...

One of the things that most drew me to being a consultant was learning that I’d have the opportunity to travel. When the interviewing senior manager mentioned a potential position in Bermuda I salivated all the way back to my adjusting desk. At that very moment I reconciled that no matter the cost I had to become a consultant. It worked out in my favor minus the sacrifice of my unborn first child.

Needless to say I never made it to Bermuda on the company’s dime. It was all flashy lights that consulting gig. My very first away from the office travel I wound up in podunk upstate Jersey, the land of turning right to turn left. Who created those ‘tard rules? I’ll leap and say a man…I could be wrong tho, yo no se!

If Exciting as Watching Grass Grow New Jersey wasn’t horrific enough I was later stationed in East Bubble Hell also known as Charleston, West Virginia. Not so bad actually if you enjoy slow talkers and equally slow thinkers. No offense to West Viginians I mean if it floats your boat…row. Unfortunately for me, my boat sank upon arrival. Neither of these places awarded me a stamp on my growing dusty Passport. Damn those interviewers and their ole flim flam flummox. I’d been hoodwinked if you will, most definitely bamboozled at least initially.

After suffering through travel horrors of epic proportion the sky gods shone down on me and granted an extended trip to Vancouver just before the Olympic games. It was fantabulous, amazing city with great shopping and I had some of the best Thai food to ever pass my lips. Shortly after returning home from Vancouver I embarked on a journey to Sao Paolo, Brazil. Despite the slavery that ensued upon arrival I actually really liked Brazil and would go back in a nanosecond without thought. Never made it to Rio (BBM Sad Face) and completely missed Carnival yet I still think of it positively. From there, I shipped out to Toronto…it was a travel extravaganza over a span of little over a year with not more than a full week spent in my apartment. It sounds exciting I’m sure but living out a of a suitcase gets old very quickly, I learned this the hard way.

Along my travels I made sure to pick up refrigerator magnets for Granny SJ. Now her icebox reflects my whirlwind for work and play excursions. But more importantly I have some kool kid Passport stamps and countless stories. Everyone remembers the horriprise of “Crazy Balls” and speaking broken Spanglish to the doctor in the Brazilian hospital.

In any man’s river I’ve always wanted to visit Spain. I’ve talked about this trip since high school when I became enamored with the language. Over the years I’ve been thisclose to getting my biggest travel wish but for a number of reasons it just hasn’t happened. Before I take it on the other side I plan to watch the bulls run and skip down the streets of Sevilla.

What says you folks, what stamps are on your Passport? Have you had the opportunity to travel abroad? Are there any countries you’re dying to visit? Remember to share is to care and hashish!

Side note in addition to the Brazilian and Canadian stamps I have ones from St. Thomas, Bermuda and St. John. Those stamps of course were on my own dime. The Bermudians actually never stamped my travel documents I wonder whom I speak to about that.

Stay tuned for Friday’s Blog Challenge Post 13 where I’ll discuss a few of the things that gents do that really get under my skin.

4 Responses to “Blog Challenge 12: How Many Stamps are on Your Passport…”
  1. AthenaC says:

    Unfortunately I’ve only been to Canada. But don’t take that the wrong way – Canada is beautiful and awesome and I love Canadians. I even bought a shirt with a maple leaf on it in hopes that people would look at me funny, attention-whore that I am. No one has, though.

    But funny thing – as much as I love Canada, it just feels right to come back home, to the States.

    • Faith M. says:

      Hola AthenaC,

      Thanks for commenting and welcome to my small spot here on the innawebs. There’s nothing wrong with a Canadian stamp or two on your passport. Hell I have quite a few myself. It really is a lovely place. Vancouver in the fall and spring is something out of the movies.

      Like you I agree there is something special about coming home. Sometimes travel makes me appreciate just what I have in my backyard. I wish you many more travels!

  2. I have to say, I’ve never been abroad. I mean, I’ve been all through Canada and Mexico, but while the fam took trips to other countries, I was state-hopping. I know you didn’t ask, but I’ve done 49 states – over and over again. I used to want to visit England, but I’d rather do Ireland. I got a friend who lives there and she makes we want to go there sometimes, even though she moved to the States. Australia and any Asian country is on the wish list. Right now though, I’m afraid of being an American outside of America…


    • Faith M. says:

      Hey Chapinksi,

      I’ve done Mexico before you had to get a stamp. I guess that counts. There’s something to be said for full on continental US travel. I have yet to see all of them myself and hope to tell the tale when I’m older that I’ve visited each and every one. That is an accomplishment my dude.

      I also hear that Ireland is an amazing place for writers. I’m not sure where I read it but I know I read it somewhere…when I know for sure what I’m talking about I will FB message it to you. There is definitely an American stigma out there internationally but I find that most people are friendly…a lot friendlier than Americans actually. Sad but true. Of course that has been my experience. I’m sure someone else would tell a different tale.

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