Blog Challenge Post 7: Crazy Always Shows Its Face

Quite honestly amongst this group Catherine Becker actually looks sane....I guess batshyt crazy is relative. Yo no se!

At 29 years young I’ve tucked a couple of lessons in my pocket for safekeeping. Sometimes I let them out to share with the public because I’m nice like that. One that often rings true, when a person reveals who he is to you always believe him. This rule applies to humanoids of the female persuasion as well. I’ll go out on a limb and say that women of batshyt tendency unveil their particular brand of crazy long before hot grits peel off their boothangs chest hair. On rare occasions crazy might jump out the bushes unsuspected but hookers chopping peen and tossing them in the garbage disposal drop hints. Of this I’m 85.8% positive.

For you rock dwellers in the room, Catherine Kieu Becker of Grove Garden, California went apeshyt the other night and chopped off her husband’s lord of the rings with a 10-inch kitchen knife. One wonders how she was close enough to pull off such a horrific feat? Blame it on the goose got him feeling loose…not really she went straight Snapped style, drugged my dude and bondage tied him to the bed. He woke from his drug-induced haze to Mrs. Becker tugging his pants and ultimately severing his commander-in-chief. With peen in hand Mrs. Becker skipped walked into the kitchen and tossed the member into the garbage disposal, OUCH! After listening to the detestable melody of pecker grinding Catherine dialed the fuzz and confessed to her heinous deed. At this time she’s being held without bail for aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning and spousal abuse. When asked why she did it she was overheard telling the police he deserved it.

Where they do that at?

Oh right California. See why I’m not about that LA life. Bishes is crazy!

Catherine Becker was truly about her business. On her way back to lock up she was heard saying ok Lorena Bobbit you’re a goon but what’s a goon to a goblin. I kid…only slightly though because that’s some real thug-life shyt right there. Well actually it’s probably more sadistic serial killer life but same difference.

Poor Mr. Becker wasn’t able to get his wang sewn back on at the hospital. This isn’t surprising really considering I’ve seen chicken bones reduced to dust in the disposal. Catherine tossed a defenseless peen in there; it just ain’t no coming back from that. My man probably wishes be bleed out and died. In the back of his mind besides envisioning running her over demolition derby style he’s remembering that night when they first started dating 20 some years ago when he woke up to her starring at him in the dark. Crazy heaux alert! Choosing to ignore the crazy in his midst resulted in the loss of his invader of vagistan. Now he has no dyck. I bet he regrets that decision whole heartedly but you live and you learn.

What says you, share some of your wisdom. What life lessons have you learned that will help us ease on down the road? Minus pedophiles and John Edwards is there anyone who deserves this level of mutilation? Free your mind. Sharing is caring and hashish.

Stay tuned for Monday Ranting/Blog Challenge Post 8 where I share something I wonder what if about…hmm the powers want me to prophesize and hashish!


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