Blog Challenge Post 3: What Runs Through My Thoughts Day & Night

When the tempo slows up and creates that new, new. He seems alive, though he is feelin blue. The sun is shinin man he’s super cool.

“Day and night I toss and turn, I keep stressing my mind, mind. I look for peace but see I don’t attain…” I’ve always been a fan of those lines in Kid Cudi’s song because as most of you know that hussy, Insomnia pops, locks, and drops it on me more often then I’d like to admit. Despite visualization techniques, white noise and all the other tricks up my sleeve some nights I just can’t turn off my brain. For once, that would be today, my inability to disconnect results in something other than a mid day zombie walk-a-thon. Instead of praying to the java gods I’m gonna dole out the seven recurring thoughts that run rampant through my mind, day and night. As normal these are in no particular order and so I won’t have to type it later, don’t judge me.

1. Will a moment ever exist that my family’s needs don’t trump my own? It seems I’m always battling family expectations against my own needs. Sadly mine rarely win. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be.

2. Am I making strides toward being the best Faith I can be? Faith of two years ago is hella different than the Faith of today. I spot check to ensure I don’t fall slave to old patterns.

3. Did I capitalize on all the possible opportunities thrown my way or did I make the wrong decision that will send me down a road less traveled? Resurrecting missed opportunities is an uphill battle. It’s a game I don’t wish to play.

4. How do rats of the hood stay winning? I imagine they have powers I’m unaware of not being a member of their club and what not. But seriously how can someone who lacks employment and has three baby’s fathers who appeared on an episode of Lock-Up the Graterford edition still get to rock the Gucci handbag I’ve been saving months to cop? iStruggle!

5. Why couldn’t the Man that Wander Married give TLB a kidney? Considering my daddy’s lack of parenting skills it’s the least he could do.

6. Has fear or shallow tendencies caused me to overlook the man of my dreams? In the past two things bulldozed all my relationships, fear and shallowness. I was either too afraid of my own feelings preferring to hide or turned my nose up in boughetto disgust. I wonder…

7. How different would the female hip-hop/r&b game be if Eve and Lauryn Hill remained relevant? After Lauryn and Eve left the window open a skeezer with Tourettes climbed in and refuses to leave.

What says you fine folks, are there recurrent thoughts running through your head? Please share, as always this is the trust tree nest!

Side note: Stay tuned for Friday’s blog challenge post where I’ll discuss my dream wedding or in this case my lack of a dream wedding. I envision shenanigans!

4 Responses to “Blog Challenge Post 3: What Runs Through My Thoughts Day & Night”
  1. “skeezer with Tourettes climbed in and refuses to leave.”


    there’s no spray that puts that roach on its back yet? dayumb

    • Faith M. says:


      I believe she’s the gremlin of hip-hop’s present. I’d like to think there’s hope but me no know!

  2. Sorry love. You don’t want to know my thoughts. You’d think I was a monster.


    • Faith M. says:


      I already know you’re demented, LOL! You keep very suspicious company at your innaweb spot so I’m sure your inner workings are all types of interesting. Sharing is caring my good brohem!

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