Monday Ranting/Blog Challenge Post 2: Let Me Clear My Throat

When I say freeze you just freeze one time. When I say freeze....let me clear my throat!!!!

…some of y’all might know this and some of y’all don’t. Some of y’all might be with this and some of y’all won’t! But listen, let me clear my throat…ah huh, ah huh aaaaahhhh Gawt Damn!

LOL when I thought about posting ten things I’d like to say to ten people this DJ Kool song popped into my head so I felt it only right to share my inner workings. What I’m about to unload is not in any particular order and will not help to prevent forest fires. But I’m not a park ranger so it should be gravy.

Despite time and sporadic communication I still think of you as a friend. Sometimes I catch myself about to call but I don’t know how to start the conversation so I don’t. Who would ever think I’d be at a loss for words. I miss our friendship. – Two friends who I’ve lost contact with because our lives split and ran separate ways.

You’re so vain you probably think this blog is about you. As my resident favorite guy, a title you continue to hold and will continue to hold for a lifetime, if you think I’m low key beefing with you just ask me. You know I would never lie to you. And side note you’re not a sex symbol! – The Little Brother

Hike up your big girl panties because this is when it gets serious. There’s a ginormous world out here just waiting for you to splash it with your greatness. You have my support, love and respect. – The Little Sister

If you two were dudes I’d call you brothers from another mother. As it stands, since I’ve never and plan to never do a cootie check, y’all are sisters from another mister. I couldn’t ask for better friends and future rocking chair porch mates. – The Best & Nurse Friend

Sometimes the obvious eludes me. I apologize for my cluelessness and hope my second chance at a first impression leaves you wanting more. The Realtor

People are in your life for a reason or a season. I know our friendship is reasoned. I’m able to reveal the deepest, darkest most obscure crazy things about me and you’ll never judge. You’ve made me a better friend. – Model Friend

You brought to the surface every emotion I never thought I needed. – The Spaniard

It’s so easy to talk to you. That’s surprising! – ????????????

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post where I’ll delve into the seven things that run across my mind 24/7/365! Remember sharing is caring snitches!


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