Blog Challenge Post 1: Recent Picture of Me and 15 Random Facts

Do you know what I absolutely love about this picture...that I can see every possible angle of my hair. It gave me chill bumps, LOL!

Lately I’ve been in a mood.  Not in a bad mood per se but a coming into my own mood.  Recently I let go of some people that were weighing my life space down and even some things that were of non importance, basically unrecognized low hanging fruit.  It’s been a magical experience for me.  Taking a moment to exhale has brought with it a sense of what do I do next.  In blogs past I would tell you all about my dating life, but I’m off that perch flying to calmer pastures.  I will let some of the reglahs in on the fact that The Spaniard is no more.  He sailed off the island not without drama but he will never swim back to shore.  Of this I’m sure.  When a women’s fed up and hashish!

Why am I rambling?

It’s my way you will learn to love it…or not.

Since the vacation I haven’t felt like blogging but I‘ve felt like blogging.  Yeah I know it’s confusing.  What I’ve decided instead of splashing together sub par entries I will complete a 30-post blogging challenge.  No worries I will maintain my typical 3-day per week blogging schedule and promise to remain my normal witty self…OK I will try to remain my normal witty self.

Today’s entry, display a recent picture of myself (hence the above pic) and give the peoples 15 random facts about me.  As a former consultant I’m compelled to compile the list in bullet point format.  Thanks in advance for allowing me this OCD blogging moment.

  • From time to time I suffer from insomnia…anyone who’s a FB friend probably already knows this as I tend to post about the horribleness that is wanting to be sleep while not being able to be sleep.
  • Believe it or not I am very much a private introverted person who prefers to work behind the scenes.  If it’s necessary to step from the shadows I can and will perform but my preference isn’t shucking and jiving.
  • It upsets me to see extremely short men, Kevin Harts driving very large cars or the reverse.  Both seem uncomfortable.
  • Romantic comedies make my stomach curl although my favorite movie of all time is Love & Basketball, which I watch at least twice a week and can recite pretty much all the lines, don’t judge me.
  • My friends tell me I have a tendency to stare…this is just me being bored with whatever’s happening around me but has led to one or two or seven fuglies getting the wrong impression.  I must do better.
  • Ignant music defined as anything you’d shudder to share with children and old people always holds my attention and second to love songs is the largest playlist in my iPod….turned on by my stank walk, now he cain’t talk but I’mma give em what he came for drop that ish and roll wid it…
  • My absolute favorite pair of sneakers is a pair of grey Chuck Taylors, which I hope to one day incorporate into my wedding, somehow…chucks and pumps anyone!
  • If I didn’t have bad knees, no seriously I have bad knees, I would wear at least 3 ½ inch heels everyday…well maybe I’d hold off two days.  One for my favorite pair of riding boots and the other for the Chuck Taylors.
  • Good television died in the 90’s.  I’d rather spend my free time listening to my ever-growing music library or read blogs.
  • Despite my yoga instructor being way anti social and borderline psycho I really really really enjoy yoga…even when she forces us to do fifty eleven vinyasas.
  • In general I am pretty down to earth however I am EXTREMELY hair vain.  I cannot count the number of times I’ve stopped listening to someone to focus on my hair…don’t judge me.
  • Anita Baker is without a doubt the best female vocalist to ever live.  If you disagree with this you should stop reading my blog and kill yourself…I kid but seriously no one holds a candle to Ms. Baker.
  • My life space cries when I can’t decipher if someone is a male or female…I don’t like this kind of sex confusion.  I imagine it’s just as daunting for the person.
  • Granny SJ and I share birthmarks on the lower part of our right legs in the shape of a hotdog.
  • E-mail thuggery at work agitates my colon.  I prefer directness.  If you can’t talk to me face to face or on the phone bottle that hashish and drink until you choke.

If that hasn’t bored you to damn death…stay tuned for Monday’s challenge post where I’ll discuss the ant’s reproductive cycle.  I’m joshing I’m gonna talk about the ten things I would like to say to ten people.  Hmm it might be juicy! Wonder how many phone calls I’ll get as a result…yo no se!

2 Responses to “Blog Challenge Post 1: Recent Picture of Me and 15 Random Facts”
  1. you need jesus or some jesusian derivative. i’ll make salaat for you…although, i may be on the fast track to hell for even saying that & not being muslim. i’on’tknow.

    PS-i can say it here…Benetton Boo is now the Benetton Beau. wish i could say it on my own block but folks stay tryna be detectives & i think we may be found out sooner than is necessary.

    PSS-twice a week? love & basketball? seriously? i like the movie & all but…

    • Faith M. says:

      LOL Aweez,

      You better stop making salaat the Muslim Mafia doesn’t take kindly to wannabes. They will stop selling you bean pies and everything. I’m just saying Philly Muslims are bout that life. They don’t play.

      Awl you and Benetton are doing the kid n play! Y’all do that. Your secret is safe with me tho cause them innaweb snitches are THE WORSE.

      And yes at least twice a week. I’m obsessed slightly with old skool Omar Epps’s chocolateness. The scene where he raises his eyebrow to Moesha’s tackhead bestfriend, swwwwooooonnning!!!! I know I have issues!

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