Random-ish-ka-bibles: One of These Things is Not Like the Other

"One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?"

By now unless you belong to a Hari Krishna-esque cult you’ve heard in the state of New York two Freds can tie the marital knot. Good for New York being the sixth state to ride the rainbow. I’m positive the office of the Justice of the Peace and the records departments were flooded with a bazillion requests to shackle a bunch of consenting adults to one another. Folks gotta get it in quick though because America is an Indian giving nation that plays take backsies. Live and let live I say. Buzz and disgust alike are mounting ‘round the innawebs. While perusing I happened upon an article over at the Insane Asylum by Matthew that sparked my curiosity. Take it for a whirl and draw your own conclusions.

Side note: Matthew is a sarcastic mofo don’t take him too seriously!

Back in the day when I believed the sun rose and set on my daddy’s arse I was a little bigot. Yes I admit my former transgressions; don’t judge me! I sees the light tho! Growing up in a home where my father spewed hatred and my mother listened apathetically did nothing to quell the growing bigoted demon. It wasn’t until I tossed off the suffocating veil of parental thought and starting thinking and discovering things for myself that I realized the error of my ways.

Today I would say I’m one of the most open-minded people you’d want to meet. That doesn’t mean I agree with everyone’s life but I damn sure respect people’s decisions without judging or pushing my nose up in boughie disgust. I also recognize that to respect someone’s life doesn’t at all mean I have to understand his/her decisions. Example: I don’t understand lesbian women who date chicks who look like men and use apparatus during segsi time…seems like you’re lying to yourself, me no know. Anywho my simple motto: as long as what you do doesn’t hurt anyone or yourself keep on keeping on.

To the point…I thought you’d never ask.

Matthew brought up the notion that allowing gay marriage breaks society’s norms and for lack of better wording will open the rapture. We as a society should at some point be able to say stop it this is too flucking much and I can’t take it. While I agree that at some point we should say this is too flucking much I just don’t know that gay marriage is that place. At least it isn’t for me.

Does it break a societal norm? Sure but what is a societal norm really? Wikipedia says social norms are the accepted behaviors within a society or group. These norms are the rules that a group uses to determine what is considered an appropriate or inappropriate value, belief, attitude or behavior. And these rules can be implicit or explicit…so something as simple as saying bless you after someone sneezes to the law that prohibits chex with a dead person. Thank you Wikipedia for replacing a workforce of door-to-door salesmen carrying Encyclopedia Britannica.

Brewing…brewing…brewing…uckfa a societal norm. Yep I said it and you can run tell it on the mountain cause I meant it. My reason for saying it is simple…societal rules and norms change like we change our drawls. In 1868 in the State vs Rhodes it was deemed acceptable that a husband could whip his wife with a switch as long as it was not larger than the width of his thumb. Anyone who’s ever experienced a lashing with a switch knows it’s not something you’d use on your worse enemy. Yet a court actually passed that ruling with no uproar from folks, oh wait Women’s Suffrage. Either way you smell what I’m cooking. One day we could wake up and men wearing skirts, no Braveheart, might be the rage. I don’t know. I do know that society is an ever-changing organism. As we change and grow our view of what is and is not socially acceptable changes as well. Change starts one person or idea at a time. Remember that crazy notion the world was round glad we dodged that bullet.

Besides the whole ridonkulous thought of social norms, which are little more reliable than old wives tales people also bring up the procreation argument. Say what? So let me kick the actual factuals here all straight folk who tie the knot aren’t together to make little people. Folk get married for a multitude of reasons and creating offspring ain’t always on that list. Plus some couples aren’t physically capable of having children. I’d like to think that marriage is more than a breeding ground and open access to monogamous boning. The little voice in the back of my head keeps yelling love.


What’s love got to do with it? Honestly you don’t have to be married to live harmoniously showing your love so I think that’s a cop out. My spidey sense tells me that the legal benefits of being wedded have an even bigger lure. And I honestly think if two consenting dudes or chicks want to bump uglies and share hashish they should legally be able to do such and receive the legal benefits of said union.

All jokes aside I’m not sure how I’d feel if the world said I was wrong and couldn’t live my life to the fullest extent with the person I love…besides the tax benefits of marriage puhlease snitches! What says you, how do you feel about same sex marriage?


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