Monday Ranting – Happy Memorial Day Folks

Semper Fi and Shyt...despite my broken relationship with my dad I am proud to say that he was a Marine!

Hola folks this is technically a day off from blogging for me because of the holiday and I’m about to dig into some viddles or vittles (you chose the spelling you like) at a friend’s BBQ. Before I go I’d like to pause and remember our brothers and sisters in arms on this Memorial Day. I have major major major respect for anyone who gives his/her life so that I can sit behind a computer and be a blogging fool. Sometimes we take for granted the sacrifices that others make so that we can live and let live!

This is an especially fantabulous Memorial Day as we acknowledge that our men and women in arms have brought to justice one of the beacons of terror. I salute the troops and pray that everyone returns home safe!

Semper Fi!


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