Hashish My Brother Says – I Agree Deport His Dumb Ass

I imagine it feels like the walls are tumbling in. I'm sure his smile isn't as wide anymore.

So I would first like to apologize to my faithful readers because I’ve been an absentee momma. In my defense The Little Sister graduated this past weekend and I had to devote all my time and attention to that very important day for her. In her honor I’ve changed my gravatar. Look to your right, yes that’s us at her graduation. Note the family resemblance, oh you don’t see it me either but Wander swears we gots the same daddy.

In any event yesterday I finally caught up on all my blog reading and learned that while black women think we’re the eggs and cheese grits no one else does, thank you Satoshi Kanazawa. He can chew on deez, deez what….deez nuts! For two nano seconds I felt verklempt but then I realized somewheres in his lifespace he was denied the nanny girl of a melanin having chick. As I’ve mentioned in the past an emoting man is a serious health hazard. In addition I also learned that Arnie I’llbeback Schwarzenegger is the new face of cheaters. Not that he didn’t already carry a card as a member. But now he’s the official spokesman taking the place of everyone’s favorite cabliasian, Tiger Woods.

The Little Brother and I started talking about Arnie’s most recent extra marital snafu.

Me: Did you hear about the Terminator?
TLB: Yeah he cheated on his wife with some beast.
Me: Ha ha that’s what everyone’s saying. He was digging her out for like 20 years or something crazy like that.
TLB: He don’t got no respect.
Me: I read something that said he should be deported.
TLB: I agree, deport his dumb ass. Send him back to where he from…cheating with a mud duck.
Me: I’m not really all that surprised though…outside of the kid.
TLB: True.

It in no way shape or form surprises me that the Governator put sour cream on Millie’s taco. Actually I’d be more surprised if they told me he hadn’t. Reason being? Glad you asked! I hold men to very slim standards…I kid I kid. I hold famous men including athletes and politician types to very slim standards. History has taught us that these kinds of men have a reputation. And unlike high school reputations, adult reps typically ring true. Oh wait the slores from high school grow to be the slores you know in college and so on and so forth.

Anywho what bunched my panties about the Kindergarten Cop was his hiding in plain sight. Seriously of all the hussies to sexercise did he have to pick the one that cleans his wife’s sheets? Really though that chick! Of all the ultra brolic shyt to do, Arnie just gonna be all the way gully and beat up the nanny girl of the hoe Maria slides her hand me down trousers to? iCan’t on so many levels with the ‘Negger. But I do respect his chutzpah. It takes major cojones to knock off the wife then go downstairs and get it in with her hired help. He gets a cruel and unusual side eye *____* but a high five on the low.

He should be deported though I mean the Kennedy family is the closest we have to American royalty. You can’t just disrespect the flag like that.

My other issue, this bish! I wish a bish would laugh at my jokes, wipe my kids arses mop my floor and rumple my hubby’s foreskin all in one night. This hoe is begging for me to stomp her ears together. And y’all know I’m not violent. Momma Snarks is a lover and such a turn the other cheek artist but THIS will bring out my inner goon. Please don’t let the complexion fool you I can take it there! And you know where there is. In my heart of hearts I so believe that Maria wants to roll up to Millie’s house on the late night tip, bust the windows out her car and stand in the front yard yelling you floor mopping, toilet bowl cleaning tramp! Am I projecting? I might be! But I’m 81.8% positive Maria wishes her best girlfriend’s name were Shondrikanettakisha who is all about that life and co-signs hoodshit instead of Bethany. You wanna know why…glad you asked cause Shondrikanettakisha beats bishes down, point blank purriod!

It’s not the cheating that pisses me off because hoes will be hoes, so let it be written so let it be done, no Alicia Keys. Not that I condone feeding someone else’s kitty, because I don’t. The act of cheating is all the way wrong but in my house, on my bed is so far out of pocket I can’t believe Arnold isn’t laid up in a hospital room on life support. His God is an awesome God. And not for nothing with those Kennedy connections Maria could very easily have someone snuff Arnie out Jimmy Hoffa style. Maybe it’s the kid aspect that has Maria’s jets so cool. Me no know! What I do know is that I don’t deal well in disrespect. And even though I believe sharing is caring my niceness has limits.

Ms. Shriver has my sympathies, not for the cheating because she signed up for that but definitely for the disregard the ‘Negger showed.

What says you, were you surprised by the Kindergarten Cop’s behavior? Do you think that women who marry rich, powerful types are setting themselves up for a life of polygamy? Was anyone more wrong in the situation?


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