Monday Ranting – Motherhood Is Difficult

This balancing act has to get tiresome...but as it says motherhood is not for the weak!

Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrated the world over on different days ranging in months from March to May. I digs the holiday for it’s religi-cultural neutrality. None of that Crusading Jihading bullshyt cause everyone gots a momma. It’s a day to show honor for the one who taught you that you can never have too much underwear….oh maybe that was just a lesson Wander preached.

While celebrating all things Wanderlicioius I began thinking about what it means to be a mother. Being a mom should not be defined simply by having a working cooter. This is far too easy a feat any podunk trailer trash bunny can prove that, 16 & Pregnant. Enough said! Being a mom is the biggest challenge that life presents. This is not a knock to anyone who so chooses to go without but with a child comes ginormous responsibility. That ginormity is part of the reason I’ve shied away from the notion of parenthood. The idea of being one of the major reasons someone falls into the belly of the beast doesn’t sit well with me. In all honesty the situations I hear some of these mom’s deal with on a daily basis would have me out here pulling hair crazy and I can’t play those bald-headed games. I really can’t because I hearts my hair on so many levels.

Just the other day my co-worker mentioned that none of her fourteen-year-old daughter’s similarly aged friends are virgins, BBM sad face! Drats and double drats. iCan’t on any level get down like that. My house is no country for hussies. I get that you can’t be with your children every hour of the day but I do think there are things you can do to preemptively divert hoe tendencies. Bribes? Scare Tactics? Threats of bodily harm…I don’t advocate violence except when I advocate violence. I’m not calling her daughter’s friends sluts, I’m simply saying they’ve taken a small detour to Whoropolis. I’m 72.3% sure roads leading out exist.

Guidance is the key. You can’t expect teachers and other adults to teach your children what they should learn at home. Contrary to popular belief rap music isn’t the best babysitter. It may have been cute when little Amelia was popping and dropping it likes it’s hot at 3 but when she came home at 16 vajazzled with a tattoo on her lady lumps that read slippery when wet you’ve already missed the mark. You failed and the roads out of Whoropolis will be harder and harder to find. I can’t see myself being responsible for someone on that level. The risks seem way to high.

Above anything else I deplore disrespectful children. Yes I know all parents aren’t Claire and Bill Huxtable but I was taught to always respect my elders, if for no other reason besides them being older. I remember The Little Sister commenting that her teachers had to earn respect. And I remember vehemently disagreeing. Now teachers can lose respect but children should first approach them from a place of high regard. They are not equals. I’m sorry we like to think very politically correct these days but if children and adults were on equal footing children would raise themselves. This is clearly not the case. There are teachers and adults out there that don’t deserve respect but that is something to be discovered not assumed.

TLS’ disregard for grown folk reminded me of an exchange I saw between a 15-17 year old boy and his mother while walking out of my favorite dive dinner. At the time I assumed he was talking to his girlfriend, not that his language selection would have been any more appropriate but I wouldn’t have felt any type of way. Yeah I’m not about that save a hoe mentality. If another female so chooses to be degraded by her man, that is her choice and none of my bees knees. Anywho as I ‘m leaving the diner I hear this predult screaming at the top of his lungs dropping f-bombs and what have you. At the time I was with The Best Friend. Before we saw he was talking to his mother we gave the I know he’s not screaming at a bish face. Just because I won’t be captain save a hoe doesn’t mean I can’t give a cruel and unusual stank eye *____*

Granted who we assumed was his mother, mid forties wearing “mom jeans”, could have been his very own desperate housewife but I doubts it very seriously. When she walked around the SUV she actually looked frightened. She responded head bowed very quickly and quietly to the raging adolescent. Embarrassment, me no know! What she said did nothing to quell his temper he simply walked off spewing profanity leaving both The Best Friend and I in a state of total WTF! Since we were together we agreed the scene actually took place but seriously where they do that at? In my neck of the woods little Johnny might have come to in the middle of next week. Now I can’t be sure it’s possible to be knocked into the middle of next week but I’ve heard some mothers say this to their children. Again, I don’t advocate violence. And seriously at the predult age it’s far to late to decide to start parenting.

Children who behave like this toward their parents, granted I’m no authority just one childless chick with crazy opinions, use that same disrespectful demeanor out here in the world. Parents need to clip this bud as it sprouts. When Little Johnny felt it appropriate to throw his toys, kick and scream at you and you stood there telling your friends he’s just expressing himself you’re cosigning improper disrespectful behavior. Remember at some point Little Johnny will be teenage Johnny where hormones and erratic emotions control his whole being. If he’s not well equipped with honor thy mom mantras you better listen to your corner and watch for the hook. Terrible behavior only escalates. I’m not saying Little Johnny’s going to slug you but it’s not out of the realm of possibility, he has no respect for you.

Granted some people are just born bad. Those folks are little Ted Bundies in training and quite honestly there’s nothing parents can do to contain a sociopath. No amount of good nurturing derails psycho nature. But I’m speaking about regular Joes and Janes that have friend parents instead of parents that grow to be friends. There’s a big arse difference. At my age I consider my mother a friend, despite ignoring her phone calls some days. But in the back of my adult mind I know Wander ain’t no joke. I learned this early when she told me she brought me in this world and she could take me out. Maybe she shouldn’t have said that but it worked on little Faith. It reminded me Wander alone held the trump card.

Motherhood is difficult! What says you, what do you think about this younger generation? Are kids more out of control now than yesterday? Do you think parents allow their children to get away with too much?

6 Responses to “Monday Ranting – Motherhood Is Difficult”
  1. The Insane Asylum (Mr. Chap) says:

    Yeah, kids come out the womb nowadays thinking they can do whatever they want. You can’t wait until they turn 13 to talk about sex or the dangers of making stupid decisions in life. You gotta show them pictures of the herped-up vaginas and the crabby penises, or is it peni?

    I think parents are relying on the cell phones and computers and video games to keep their kids occupied. I too many 8-year-olds that have cell phone with text and internet capability.


    • Faith M. says:

      Hey Chappy,

      I prefer peni but I guess penises is also ok. Neither are being flagged by my macbook. And I agree age appropriate sex conversations need to start early to fend off the potential Bristol Pailins of the world.

      Children do have to much access to stuff for lack of a better term. Of course locking kids in the closet probably isn’t the right answer either but that’s what I’m going with right now.

  2. Greetings,

    I really like your blog site. I just also wanted to invite you to visit my blog called It’s All About Love at Keep writing and sharing your thoughts! By the way, you are right….motherhood is not for wimps!!!!(smile)

    • Faith M. says:

      Thanks and come again. I will have to wander to your neck of the innerwebs to see what you’re all about.

  3. That was hilarious. As per usual, I ain’t gon’ bother w/which parts. The whole thing is magnified on a daily basis when I go to school & run into other people’s children behaving badly. I watch parents get spoken to like children by their children & sometimes FAIL at sitting back & not minding their family business. You can’t even blame children for being poorly behaved when no behavior standards were put in place for them. By the time they get to me, they’re unclear that the sun doesn’t rise & set on their ashy behinds & that nobody else out here is buckling like their parents. It’s C-RAY-ZEE!!

    I commend all PARENTS who actually get it in with their children, who bother to instill values & set reasonable expectations of their children’s behavior.

    • Faith M. says:

      Hey Aweez,

      I can dig it. I don’t place the blame on the little ones because I truly blame the parents. If parents don’t set standards for their kids how can you expect them to behave out in the public. Unfortunately dealing with the aftermath of non parenting takes a toll on me. The little ones I can somewhat ignore but the recent grads who were raised with absolutely no home training, are wet behind the ears and as you so nicely put it believe the sun rises on their ashy behinds get way under my skin.

      I want a t-shirt that reads Parents Raise Your Kids!

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